Born in Dufresne, Manitoba, I’m a geographer, PhD candidate and lecturer at Western University in London, Ontario Canada.

My doctoral research focuses on how governments and other actors are working together to prepare Canada for the impacts of climate change, such as heatwaves, drought, more frequent storms, and floods.

I received my bachelors degree from the University of Winnipeg in 2010 with a double major in Political Science and Environment Studies. I then moved to London, Ontario to receive my Master of Arts in Geography in 2012.

Along with my work on climate change, I also teach and research a variety of topics related to space exploration. For more on that, check here.

My research areas include: Environmental Governance, Climate Change Adaptation, Critical Geopolitics, and Space Exploration.

In the mean time feel free to follow me on Twitter – @SpaceProfessor2


Occupy Earth

Studying climate change, space exploration, and sometimes both.

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