Welcome to the website of Canada’s second greatest space geographer.

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If you’re looking to collaborate on a space-related project, my contact details can be found under the About tab. I’m always interested in new projects related to the history of space exploration or ethics in space, including: conference panels, interviews, podcasting, writing, etc…But no, I wont do your TEDx or TED talk event.

If you’re here as a new, or past, Geography 2090 student or as a fan of Space Club X-V, check out the Space Exploration tab for links to all past episodes of Space Club X-V, my most recent writing on the topic (over at Medium), as well as some background on the #Space2090 course .

If you’re wondering why there is a Heavy Metal tab….I will shortly begin writing about the history of heavy metal on my Medium site and will be linking articles here. Stay tuned.

If you’re here to see what I look like, below is a blurry picture of me at Christmas. Enjoy.

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